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Northern east coast surf tip: Wax your rails in the winter

It's winter up here in the east coast and surfing can be a bit of a bear with the recent Polar Vortex blowing in. Recently, I was talking to a friend about their winter surf session. The take away from their story, their hand slipped when gripping the rail to pop up and busted their face on the deck. Lucky no trip to the doctor, but some bruising to the ego.

It's cold and wearing mitten or gloves while keeping you warm, can be slippery on an unwaxed portion of the board. Do yourself a favor and wax those rails. It's also helpfuling during the summer, unless you're a pro, wax those rails.

Oh in case you wonder what it's like to nail your head on the deck of a board, Check out Sunny Garcia slipping off his board. 

Have fun, stay warm and wax those rails!