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New Jersey wakes up with another big surf swell

Yup, this was New Jersey this past sunday. I'm not sure exactly where in New Jersey this was taken, but it was pretty epic no matter where you were at the jersey shore. 

Also, this swell seems to have taken it's toll on some surfers. Literally a back breaking swell.

Aerial video of surfing Pipeline during the winter of 2013

Eric Sterman put together some aerial footage of surfing at the North Shore of Oahu, Pipeline. 

There's not much to say.

Surfing in Old World Portugal

Recently Surfing magazine did a nice feature on surfing Portugal with Griffin Colapinto, Parker Coffin and  native Nic Von Rupp. I'm not sure what Surfing Mag was thinking when they devolped the layout of the webpages, while pretty, it's confusing. To make my life and any one else's a lot easier here are the direct links to each article of the series.

Also here's a nice video to go with it all.

Pregnant and still surfing

Recently I read an article about Kristi Olivares  from about how she surfed while pregnant. It's a facinating read and I'm impressed that she was able to do it for the full 9 months. I'm pretty sure she's had her baby by this point and I'm curious about how quickly she returned to surfing. The human body is amazing.

Getting shacked on valentines day

Valentine's Day. Photo: David Nilsen!/profile/426464/Dave-Nilsen

While I wasn't able to enjoy the sweet swell that came through the east coast this valentines. Surfline did a great feature on what came through. It even has my favorite surf spot. Who would have thunk it. Check it out, Surfline's east coast Valetines day swell .

New Jersey epic winter swell

It's good to see somebody captured the amazing frigid swells New jersey has gotten in the winter of 2013/14. Hop on over to Surfline and check out the last wave in the video, an epic 3 barrel ride.

Photo by: Tim Leopold

New Jersey's best surf winter ever?

Photo: Joanne O'Shaughnessy

I haven't been surfing very long, but I can agree, this has been the best winter surf New Jersey has had in my limited surf-lifetime. Surfline did another great special on what NJ had to offer and will hopefully continue for the future. You would think this was northern Cali, but I'm proud to say it's New Jersey.

Surfing Bertha

So the east coast had hurricane Bertha pass off shore, bring a nice summer swell this august. Unfortunately the waves were a bit too fast and got up to head high. If you had the skills it was epic. For the rest of us little folk, it was just practice. Here's a little clip I made before I went in. The waves eventually got up to about chest to head.

Summer's last breath

On September 22 2014, New Jersey was blessed with summer's last breath. On saturday a strong wind and ground swell made conditions extremely difficult to ride. Of the 2 hours I was out there I only caught 4 waves, with the last ride actually being quite good, I was satisfied considering the conditions.

Sunday was warm and overcast with fog hanging in most areas. But the waves, were beautiful. Shoulder high, glassy with little wind. There were some head high sets that rolled in. And as long you were in the right spots, you can get an a great ride. Which brings me to the most memorable wave I caught that day. A lone outside overhead monster came my way. I was in shock to have caught it, but it stayed open and glassy, letting me play to the best of my ability. When I got back into the lineup, the old guys were stoked and complemented me on the catch. I still caught a couple more great waves. But that was the standout for me.

quick drop

On Monday the last day of summer, the swell came to it's peak, with certain areas reaching head high plus! With clear skies, warm weather and the perfect amount of offshore wind blowing through, the waves were groomed and pitched perfect barrels. Unfortunately that's still above my ability. But, I was able to pick a smaller spot that did just the same. I think for the first time I got close to getting barreled 3 times, but the wave still got away from me.

Lastly, sitting in the water with 3 others guys we were blessed the most amazing sunset. I haven't seen it that intense for years. It was humbling to take in the moment.

Taken by Anthony

Sunset photo by Anthony on flickr .

Another big swell should be coming this weekend, so fall is looking to be impressive.


Looks like the surfer's view got a nice instagram collection going of the day.

Update to the update

Looks like they put out an amazing video, near the area I like to surf at.

Sunday fun day

Just a quick catch of some micro waves we caught on a sunday folowing an epic saturday evening.